Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Malfeasant Joyride Over New York City?

Even though they probably believed it in their hearts that they are merely expressing their patriotic duty, but is there any wrongdoing done by these airmen?

By: Ringo Bones

The incident has swiftly become fodder to those dissenters of US President Barack Obama and his administration – i.e. the aerial joyride with a markedly high carbon footprint over the September 11, 2001 Ground Zero Memorial in New York City that happened last April 27, 2009. The incident involved the 747 presidential executive jet – though officially it can’t be designated as Air Force One because the president is not on it during the time of the incident. And a fighter escort (probably an F-16 Fighting Falcon) doing a low-altitude flight over the 9 / 11 Ground Zero Memorial in the hopes of getting an excellent photo op from their quite daring PR stunt.

Even though to the on-duty pilots, they probably think this is a very excellent PR stunt for the new administration in the White House, instead it sparked fear and panic to the hapless New Yorkers who were not forewarned of the low-altitude flight beforehand. Given that most New Yorkers still haven’t got over that fateful incident back in September 11, 2001, a little heads-up would have been the right thing to do.

Instead of an historic aerial display that could have become a very nice poster for next years calendars, the pilots’ daring aerial bravado are now being compared to something what multi-millionaire spoiled brats would do as the ultimate dare in their state of inebriation. Looks like Paris Hilton won’t be flying that 200 million dollar F-22 Raptor at Mach 2 while flying only 75 feet over Madison Avenue. Instead, the presidential executive jet’s pilots have beaten her to it. At least someone should pay the appropriate carbon credits to as an amendment for this malfeasance, and it should not be the American Taxpayers.


  1. I think the resignation of the director of the White House Military Office - Louis Caldera - was somewhat hasty, given that it wasn't really his fault. Although he needs to be mindful of the Bush Administration's gleeful military adventurism and how most Americans - especially NYC residents - hated it.

  2. I too agree, it is not Louis Caldera's fault. President Obama should ask Louis Caldera to think it over before accepting his resignation.